Dannii can totally switch off in Melbourn

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Dannii can totally switch off in Melbourn Empty Dannii can totally switch off in Melbourn

Post  dannii-gurl on Wed May 04, 2011 8:33 am

Dannii Minogue has revealed that she feels the most relaxed when at her home in Melbourne. The 38-year-old Australian star and her boyfriend Kris Smith welcomed baby Ethan last year, and since then, she said that she has tried to create a family home Down Under. She told Stylist, "When I gave birth I wanted to be near my parents, who are always worrying about me and telling me to slow down. Our home in Melbourne is our more permanent base now, and it's really nice, because my brother lives down the road, and he has two little kids. He's the hotline when I need advice. "I always make sure I've got my family time, but, coming back and forth between Australia, you've got to block out even more time for jet lag recovery. "But I'm very good at relaxing when I'm in Australia. It's fun because you can be really lazy and wear sloppy old clothes. We have a family farm and it's a lot more outdoorsy than the UK. "Once I'm in that frame of mind I can totally switch off."

Never knew Melbourne would be their homebase
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